Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an FBO?
    FBO stands for Fixed Base Operator. It is a full‐service facility for pilots, their airplanes and passengers or guests. In Saskatoon, our Aerocentre features an elegant terminal lobby and counter area where pilots can conduct fuel and service transactions, while their passengers or guests wait comfortably. The FBO is also where pilots do their weather briefing and flight planning.
  2. How much advance notice do you require?
    We would love to have as much time as possible to make sure your needs are met, but a day or two’s notice is just fine. For smaller aircraft, same day notice is fine, but for larger aircraft, we want to make sure our Hangar can accommodate you and that you have a spot!
  3. What sort of crew amenities do you offer?
    We have all the services that any aircraft crew would need. Flight planning, pilot lounge, courtesy vehicle, coffee and refreshments, etc. We also arrange car rentals, hotels and catering. Just ask us for what you need!
  4. What is your safety record like?
    We are proud to say that we have never had a major incident at our location. Safety is our number one priority, other than service, and in 23 years of service, our record is excellent!